20/20 Seed Labs: Canada's first fully accredited, independently owned seed testing laboratory.


20/20 Seed Labs Inc. is a fully accredited seed-testing laboratory providing a full spectrum of agricultural and horticultural services for seed growers, seed and crop protection companies, and commercial farmers. We strive to take innovation and client care to the highest level.

We are an independent and privately owned company and a world leader in seed vigour testing, and specialized research and development work in the screening and commercialization of new agriculture products. We were also the first and only private, independent authorized hybrid canola crop inspection service agency in Canada serving seed canola producers since 1994.

Our strong management style has led to highly successful collaborations with numerous government agencies and universities. We maintain an extremely high commitment to, and observe strict ethical governance of the quality of our services and the care of our clients.

Since 1989, 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. has been constantly developing new tests and methodology ensuring the highest quality molecular diagnostics, seed testing and plant pathology services for our clients.