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Seed Testing Services


We are accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) and fully accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) to test and grade seed. We specialize in germination, physical purity and plant and seed health testing and offer a comprehensive range of scientific and technical services to the agricultural industry. We also offer a wide variety of other tests including vigour, viability, moisture, seed weights and bioassays to establish seed and plant quality. We focus on detail, and issuing a diagnostic profile that can provide useful information critical to the end-user of the product.

Learn more about our testing services or what you will receive in your Report of Seed Analysis


Specialty Services


We have an in-house team of fully qualified molecular, microbiology and biotechnology professionals. If you need a seed analyst, a plant pathologist, agrologist, or seed technician, contact us to find out more about the specialty services our team offers.




We offer research and development services both independently and in collaboration with government institutions and universities. We specialize in screening and the performance of new products through field trials and in-house laboratory studies. 


Crop Inspection


We are the first, largest and longest serving private, independent authorized hybrid canola seed crop inspection service in Canada.  Our crop inspection services include:

  • Online and offline reporting available to you within 24 hours of inspection
  • GPS tracking, and online field maps
  • Automated reporting and data transfer to a secure FTP site
  • Agronomist training prior to inspection
  • Private agronomic consultation for insect and pest management
  • Professional, prompt and courteous service


Training and Consultation


We offer customized training and consultation for seed industry personnel including: 

Registered Seed Establishment and Grain Grading - For registered seed establishments, seed plant managers, operators, and seed growers, we provide the skills and knowledge you’ll need to obtain the required Canadian Seed Institute accreditation and become a licensed seed grader. Contact us for more information. 

Purity and Germination Training - We train you in proper methods of purity and germination analysis in adherence to the strict standards as dictated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 

Seed Sampling - We can provide comprehensive training according the International Seed Testing Association rules for seed sampling.  Samples drawn by a trained sampler are officially recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Authorized samplers can draw a sample for an ISTA ORANGE Certificate.

Seed Import Release Services


If you are importing seed from another country, 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. has the authority to quickly and efficiently release seed into Canada from all countries including the US.  We are government accredited to enable us to certify your seeds have met all Canadian standard requirements.  We can release shipments within hours, and if necessary, can provide extra testing at our laboratory.


Seed Grading Services


Command a premium for your seed by confirming pedigree status through our seed grading service. Our qualified team will grade your seed based on strict standards for purity and germination as defined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Canadian Seed Institute.


Online Services


With our online services you can:

  • Quickly create labels for your seed testing samples
  • Submit your samples
  • View and download completed seed test reports
  • Search and download batch reports for a set of particular sample types

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